Simulate any ATM, automate and optimize the testing of your self-service software 

Atmirage is the ATM simulator that allows you to automate your self-service application tests without the need for a physical ATM

Why Atmirage?

Reduce application development time. With Atmirage development time is reduced by 50%.

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Save resources in your ATM software development and QA process, increasing quality and efficiency


Improve the quality of your software and speed up development with testing and early bug identification

Perform your tests without hardware, develop and test your application without the need for a physical ATM

Allows remote work as a virtual laboratory, for both programmers and testers

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Automates 100% of functional tests. It is possible to increase the number of test cases and reduce the time to perform them

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Deploy your application in production with an increase in reliability impossible to achieve with QA processes in physical ATMs

What is Atmirage in a 45-second video:

Atmirage at a glance

Atmirage overview
  • 100% simulation of a physical ATM
  • Valid for CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak or proprietary-software based applications
  • Supports all kinds of devices on the market
  • Complete Level 2 EMV simulation
  • No changes in the application are necessary
  • Visual ATM model designer
  • Simple definition of behavior


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Develop your ATM application

With Atmirage

you can program your self-service application with no need for a physical ATM


as many ATM models as you physically have


your own cards warehouses, checks, dispensers, etc.

Even simulates

EMV, both contact and contactless

Manual tests

  • Select the card you want to work with
  • Configure each device with your desired status
  • Quickly and easily trigger error behaviors in devices
  • Record execution of a transaction and repeat it automatically with just one click

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Atmirage manual test

Test automation

Atmirage automated test
  • Design your own test cases
  • Define checkpoints to validate tests automatically
  • Multilingual verifications
  • One same test can be executed hundreds of times with different cards, amounts, languages, etc.
  • Automate supervisor transactions, as well
  • Generate technical and executive reports
  • Connection with external tools (ALM, etc.)

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Which ATM brands does Atmirage simulate?

Atmirage does not simulate ATM brands. This is a driver-based simulator (mainly CEN/XFS), so it behaves just like any other manufacturer. That being said, Atmirage can be set to the image of the different models the customer may have in their laboratory to set up a virtual laboratory.

What is an Atmirage ATM model?

With Atmirage, you can design as many ATM models as necessary. Just like a model from any other manufacturer, an Atmirage model is nothing more than an ATM with a series of characteristics that are defined based on the devices it has and their settings. For example, an Atmirage model may have a reader for cards with strip and chip, PIN pad, receipt printer and dispenser with four cassettes, while another may be just like it, but with only two cassettes in the dispenser, and yet another might be a complete ATM with card reader, receipt printer, recycler, biometric print sensor, contactless reader, operator panel, etc.

What does the model designer consist of?

This is a graphic tool to quickly and easily configure ATM models.

Can I configure a model just like another one that physically exists?

Indeed, the aim is to simulate the same properties and the same models that an institution has in the physical ATM network, and thus test the application with all existing possibilities.

How is Atmirage licensed?

Atmirage licenses are by concurrent user. In addition to the number of concurrent users, the price varies based on the type of devices purchased.

Can Atmirage be used to develop the application with no need for a physical ATM?

Exactly. This is Atmirage's basic functionality. In terms of the application, Atmirage's ATM is just like another model in the institution's network of models.

Can this tool be used for unitary testing in the development phase?

While developing an ATM application, it is very expensive and tedious to conduct functionality tests. With Atmirage, you can record a test and then execute it automatically later, with no need for user involvement.

How can I simulate error statuses?

All of Atmirage's ATM devices can define behavior statuses to trigger errors and check how the application responds. While emptying a cassette from an actual dispenser can take minutes, with Atmirage, it does not take more than 5 seconds.

How can I automate a test with different cards if each one of them has a different PIN?

In addition to card track information, the Atmirage card warehouse stores its PIN, which will be used transparently for the user when automatically executing a transaction.

We already have an EMV simulator. Do we necessarily need to use Atmirage's?

No. Atmirage's EMV simulation module is an optional component and Atmirage can be connected with other external simulators.

Our application uses a device that is not supported by CEN/XFS and uses manufacturer DLLs. Can it also be simulated with Atmirage?

For this type of situation, Atmirage develops a compatible DLLs with the same functions as the manufacturer's, such that it can be included as just another device in the pertinent model.

Our application is NDC+ compatible. Can we use Atmirage?

Atmirage is independent from ATM protocols like NDC, Diebold 911/912, etc. If the application uses any device standards like CEN/XFS or J/XFS, or uses proprietary DLLs for which you have documentation, you may use our tool. The more standard drivers the application uses, the easier and faster integration will be.

Is Atmirage Plug&Play, meaning it does not need any kind of adaptation?

It is not Plug&Play. In most cases, Atmirage needs to make a few adjustments to adapt to each institution's slight particularities. The process to make these adjustments may take between a week and a month. It can be done remotely by Serquo's technicians. Considering the number of customers who currently use Atmirage, these time periods are growing shorter and shorter. If you wish to use Atmirage to develop a new application, no integration is necessary.

En el caso de que se quiera utilizar Atmirage para el desarrollo de una nueva aplicación, no es necesario llevar a cabo ninguna integración.

Is a programmer necessary to create automatic tests?

Not at all. To generate a test, you need only conduct the desired transaction in Recording mode. The sequence (including card selection, keystrokes, touches on the screen, withdrawing money or receipts, etc.) is saved in the database and may be executed again later with no need for user involvement.

Do I need to record a transaction for each card or amount to be dispensed?

No. Once the transaction has been recorded, you can tell Atmirage to conduct this same transaction with different cards, amounts, languages, etc. In other words, one same recording can translate to hundreds of functional tests.

Do I need a computer for each Atmirage license?

Each Atmirage instance can be executed either on a physical PC or a virtual machine (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.).

What is a checkpoint?

When conducting regression testing, it is important to be able to compare the results and to do so automatically. A checkpoint can range from checking that the device was correctly called, that a graphic was shown in a specific position on the screen, or that text was printed on a receipt. All these checks can be easily defined in Atmirage.

Can I spread test execution between several instances of Atmirage?

Yes, tests can be spread with Atmirage. You can also create testing cycles, program tests for a certain moment, automatically validate each test, create reports and export information to other tools.

... and for all this and more contrasted facts, we affirm that Atmirage is the best ATM simulator in the market.


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